Socio-Economic Reporting

Assess your company’s positive socio-economic impact 


Saying you’re a sustainable business isn’t enough anymore: you have to prove it. Increasingly, corporations are looking to third parties to quantify their social and economic impact. For example, the GRI reporting standards lists identifying your proportion of spending on local suppliers and significant indirect economic impacts are material reporting topics.

Measure the economic and social impact of your organization’s activities and funded activities with an independent analysis from sustainability experts.  

Uncover your invisible impact  

Sustainalytics’ socio-economic impact report helps organizations gain deeper insight into the visible and hidden impact of their spending, from supply chain disbursements and operations to corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.


  • Total revenue​
  • Taxes and wages ​
  • Investments in programs and initiatives
  • Modelling to assess impact on GDP and jobs
  • Increase supply chain visibility
  • Identify and map lower-tier suppliers (Tier 2, Tier 3)
  • Quantitative and qualitative data from suppliers
  • Includes anecdotal evidence
  • Company size, region, sector, ownership, and diversity
  • Includes impact from lower-tier suppliers and subcontractors 
Iceberg showcasing impact

Showcase your Work

Highlight the local, regional, national, and international impact of your operations and the value-add to economies and societies.


Mitigate Risk

Proactively build awareness of how your organization's direct and indirect spending affects the local economies where you do business.


Increase Supply Chain Visibility

Identify Tier-2, lower-tier suppliers and subcontractors. Identify gaps, and determine areas where you can make improvements.


Track Ongoing Improvements

Access ongoing, real-time data through our ESG Assessment Platform to generate additional maps, visualizations and impact assessments based on customizable metrics.


Align with Global Frameworks

Sustainalytics' impact framework is aligned with current global standards such as the UN SDGs and ICMA’s recommended metrics.


Display your Results

The report includes dynamic charts, graphs, and infographics to help showcase your positive socio-economic impact to stakeholders.

Put the data in your report to use for annual reports, investor relations and CSR, diversity & inclusion, supply chain assessments, and government relations.


Economic growth (GDP) and total job sustainment


Supply chain breakdown including lower-tier suppliers and subcontractors


Benefits to SMEs, local communities, diverse suppliers


Predictive modelling and forecasting future impacts


Social impact


Ready-made infographics

impact region

Impact by region and sector

diversity metrics

Diversity metrics: minority- and women-owned businesses, etc.

impact supply chain

Benchmarking of impact goals against national statistics

Use Cases

Put the data in your report to use for annual reports, investor relations and corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, supply chain assessments, and government relations.  


Annual Reports

Incorporate findings and infographics into annual reports, sustainability reports, and social impact reports.


Investor Relations

Support capital raising activities and demonstrate the impact of existing and potential investments.


Supply Chain Assessment

Identify potential gaps in your supply chain and determine where your activities could add more value.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Raise awareness among internal and external stakeholders such as the media, customers, employees, and local communities.


Diversity and Inclusion

Showcase your spend on diverse businesses such as SMEs, minority- and women-owned businesses, and the downstream impact.


Government Relations

Support your current and future bids for government funding with research on your economic (GDP, jobs sustained) and social impact.

Why Sustainalytics?


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