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As the benefits of ESG become widely recognized, ESG ratings are a frequent topic of discussion among companies and investors. Companies want to know their rating and assess their performance from an ESG perspective but often lack the understanding of how the rating is derived and how the results should be interpreted. Without understanding the rating methodology, it can be difficult for companies to get the most value from the information they receive.

Morningstar Sustainalytics’ Corporate ESG Training will take your company’s ESG knowledge to the next level, teaching your employees about the importance of an ESG Risk Rating and guiding them through the process. Led by our expert Corporate Solutions team, the training is held over three 1-hour sessions and provides a personalized view of your company’s material ESG issues (MEIs) based on your industry and sub-industry. Enter the world of sustainability with confidence by building a solid foundation for future growth in the ESG ecosystem.

Take the unknown out of ESG Risk Rating

Sustainalytics uses its wealth of expertise in the ESG sector to help companies and investment banks get comfortable with using the ratings to achieve their objectives.

Our team that is behind the design and delivery of the learning content is made up of individuals with expertise in ESG research, instructional design, e-learning and more.

Training is offered in person and via digital channels and includes interactive elements and case studies, making the content relatable and engaging. While our portfolio of topics is always expanding, the training we offer at present can help answer the following questions among others:

  • What are ESG ratings and how are they used by investors and corporates?
  • How to read, interpret and compare an entity’s ESG Risk Rating report?
  • How companies can leverage their ESG Risk Rating?

Course Catalogue

Who is this training course for?



  • ESG Risk Analysts
  • ESG/ Sustainability Division Representatives
  • Corporate Strategy Leads
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Board and General Counsel
  • Investors Relations Specialists


  • Relationship Managers
  • Risk Analysts
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Investment Advisors

What can you expect to learn?


Key trends behind the rise of ESG


Investor and corporate use of ESG Risk Ratings


ESG Risk Rating specific industry insights on Material ESG Issues


Fundamentals and methodology of Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings


Case study led scoring principles


Sustainalytics’ research and readiness process for ratings

Sustainalytics Corporate Solutions can also customize training for individual needs and large groups.

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